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Phoenix American Hospitality’s Lunch and Learn

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At this seminar (during which lunch will be served) you will hear from Lawrence C. Skibo, our Vice President, Distribution & National Accounts Manager, as he walks you through our plans to provide an 8% annual dividend, paid monthly, plus growth to those who invest alongside us in our Hospitality Properties REIT, Inc.

We both own and operate all of our Premium Business Select Hotels.

With business and other travel rebounding swiftly, we want to act now and purchase these hotels at bargain prices. Then, we can improve operations and profitability, modernize the way room rates are dynamically priced, and within approximately five years sell them at a potential profit (which you would share in, earning monthly dividends along the way).

Learn About:

Our hotel selection process and why we focus on Premium Business Select Hotels

Why we directly operate the hotels we buy instead of outsourcing management

Our hotel management style and what makes us more profitable than our competition

How you can receive monthly dividends, and still have a lot of potential upside

december 7th, 2021 12 - 1PM

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