Q1 Review – How We Achieved a Bonus Distribution

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Q&A from the Webinar:

Q. Your model is to buy hotels at their COVID prices?

A. The 11 hotels that are currently in the REIT were purchased during COVID. Most hotels still haven’t bounced back from COVID, which allows us to acquire hotels at prices that are still lower than in pre-COVID years.

Q. Will we be able to invest after you have completed your target raise?

A. Once we complete our capital raise portion of this fund in July of 2023, you will no longer be able to add funds to this REIT. A new REIT will begin as soon as this one closes if you would like to continue investing with us.

Q. Do you think Corporate (Group) travel will ever rebound to pre-2019 levels?

A. All the statistics show that we will surpass 2019 demand levels within the next two years. We believe that will continue to grow the further removed we are from COVID.

Q. You’re required to distribute 90% of the profits. How does that work with monthly distributions? Is there a true-up at the end of the year?

A. We pay out 90% of our operating income each year in the form of monthly distribution payments. We do quarterly true-ups rather than one at the end of the year.