Hotel Investing in 2023 – Phoenix’s Overview

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Q&A from the Webinar:

Q. When do you see the target raise being reached and this fund closing?

A. The fund’s capital goal is $50 million, we believe that we will reach this early Q3.

Q. Has the extreme weather throughout the South and East in the last several weeks hurt the company profits and occupancy so far this year?

A. No, storms actually benefit our hotels because of grounded flights.

Q. How big is your “short list” of hotels you are thinking of purchasing?

A. We are always looking at around 50 hotels at a time that fit our acquisition criteria.

Q. Is the fund brand-agnostic?

A. We prefer Marriott and Hilton branded hotels.

Q. Have you had difficulties hiring staff? Has that impacted your ability to service hotel guests? 

A. No, we have had zero staffing troubles because we pay higher than industry standard to retain our management talent and we care for our employees.

Q. What type of documents do you get after you invest?

A. You will receive a Subscription Agreement as well as monthly distribution statements.