Time's running out: invest by our closing date of 9/30 and receive a 6% BONUS distribution on 10/15.

ONLY A $5000

Buying low, selling high, and banking dividends along the way isn’t just for Warren Buffett.

  • High Monthly Income - our REIT has distributed to its Investors 12% (annualized, beginning 10/31/21), well higher than the industry average.

  • Distributions start immediately the month after your investment is completed.

  • Our REIT has no legacy assets. We bought our hotels after COVID-19, not before. We have already purchased eleven (11) hotels at COVID reduced pricing, and we are benefiting from the travel industry recovery.

  • Join a committed group of investors - our REIT has already received investments or commitments well over $30 million.


#DigitalTransformation doesn't replace or inhibit human-to-human connection -- it enhances it, by removing more tedious tasks and allowing for further connection with guests. The #HospitalityIndustry can greatly benefit from #automation. @hospitalitynet

If you're in the #HotelInvestment market, this is an #InvestmentTrend to watch -- Dallas and Atlanta are at the top of the list for openings. These may be the places to check out if you're thinking of investing in more property. #HospitalityInvestments

In #HotelManagement, leading with empathy is vital for your teams to flourish, and to enhance #GuestSatisfaction. When our teams are engaged, supported, and appreciated, they will bring their best to the table -- which is great for everyone, from staff to patrons. #Hospitality

Being #DetailOriented is exceptionally helpful in making the #GuestExperience memorable and worthwhile. It's the little things that generate a lasting impact on patrons, inspiring them to return to your hotel time and again. #HospitalityIndustry

Guest #MessagingTechnology is becoming less novel and more lucrative, as guests find the convenience of ordering spa treatments, cuisine, and other #HotelServices through their phones to be an exciting addition to #LuxuryTravel. @Hotel_Tech_News

#HotelMaintenance is critical for the safety and reputation of your hotel. If you own a hotel in a warmer climate, you may offer guests a luxurious pool experience. It's vital that it's properly maintained during the #ShoulderSeason, given #travel has increased across all months.

#Tech is constantly evolving. This is proving to be helpful in the #HospitalityIndustry, as much of this expanding technology is enhancing #efficiency and #profitability. We should embrace these developments in the name of #innovation. @hospitalitynet

#Sustainability in the #HospitalityIndustry is merging #HotelTrends with #Environmental consciousness. Consumers desire and anticipate more sustainable practices, and hotel managers can use this to improve hotel practices as well as enhance guest experiences and expectations.

The #HospitalityIndustry could greatly benefit from #RegenerativeLeadership, a leadership style that focuses on marrying #EthicalPractices and #HotelManagement. Giving back to your community while efficiently running your hotel is the idea. @hospitalitynet

#Leadership in the #HospitalityIndustry is not only team-based but people-focused as well. In #HotelManagement, you likely face a lot of guests with varying needs, and #SoftSkills are helpful in fostering a healthy and welcoming environment for all.

#Automation in the #HospitalityIndustry isn't about replacing valuable, respected employees. It's about making the day-to-day more #efficient and streamlined. @HotelMgmtMag

As #WHO declared the pandemic no longer a global emergency but is still an "ongoing health risk", maintaining the cleanliness of our #hotels is still as paramount as ever for #GuestSatisfaction and safety. The higher standards we implemented in 2020 should remain our new normal.

As #hoteliers, we should also be good #stewards of the earth. This #HotelOwner sets an example for that by helping the areas in which his hotels are located, including funding local organizations to preserve the ecosystem, #economy, and heritage. @forbes

#Leadership is about humility. If we stop to appreciate the amazing talents and creativity of our teams, we will be in awe of what our people can accomplish. Do these things in grace and empathy, and you'll build a #WorkplaceCulture of resilience and harmony.

We're seeing a massive boom in #travel this summer, and we still have quite a few weeks left to explore new domains and support the #HospitalityIndustry. This is exciting for both travelers and #hoteliers. Are you taking part in this off-the-charts summer?

#HotelOwnership and #management have faced their share of challenges in recent years. However, the #resilience displayed is both admirable and inspirational. These #hoteliers have shared how they overcame specific obstacles. It's a great read. @hdmag

This #summer's seen immense #travel and engagement with the #HospitalityIndustry. This is good for #HotelInvestment, as the demand from guests increases the value of hotel ownership, management, and investments. It'll likely continue increasing. @CoStarUS

What are the things that you want to be remembered for as a #leader? The actions that you make every day when working with your teams are setting up your #legacy. If you practice #TransformationalLeadership, you're working in kindness, patience, and grace. Be remembered for that.

#Luxury can be subjective, but this article beautifully summarizes the things that really make a #hotel stand out as luxurious. It's about the things that appeal to the guest -- the things that evoke something; that they connect with. @hospitalitynet

It would appear that #Hoteliers are making additions to their #portfolios in the United States. #Travel is seeing a large boom at present, which is making #hospitality an appealing industry. It's exciting to see this growth and the more relaxed mindset toward travel as a whole.

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8/1: We’re seeing high-water marks for hotel occupancy across the US: 73% weekly is the new magic number.

It’s the peak of summer travel season: the last few weeks of July traditionally produce the highest hotel occupancy numbers of the year, and 2023 is no exception. Data from hospitality analysts at CoStar shows that weekly occupancy was 72.9%, the highest it's been in almost 4 years and an increase of .4% from the same time last year.

This high occupancy mark was also accompanied by increases in RevPAR and ADR, which are two important metrics used by hospitality professionals to measure the performance of hotels.

7/11: Almost half of America is planning on vacationing over the summer.

Everything’s aligning to make summer 2023 one to remember for the hospitality industry: 48% of adults in the US are planning on taking a vacation over the course of this season, per a study by MMGY Travel Intelligence. Beyond this, over 75% say they plan on taking a vacation in the next calendar year – travel is back, in a big way. The study also found that the majority of respondents strongly self-identify with their travel destinations, with 51% agreeing that “the places they visit say a lot about who they are.”

7/5: In light of strong performance in the first half of the year, experts are revising their 2023 hotel performance projections upwards.

A variety of factors indicating strong performance, such as occupancy rates and high average-daily-rate growth, have led experts in the hospitality field to revise their 2023 industry forecasts upwards. STR, an analytics company focused on the hospitality industry, modified their forecast up to 5% growth in revenue for every available room, according to STR president Amanda Hite. This was based on strong first quarter performance, indicated by the aforementioned ADR growth.

One of the main factors driving this performance is a resurgence in group demand, as opposed to simply leisure demand, which is rapidly returning to pre-COVID highs. “That’s really going to carry the calendar for the remainder of the year to help us with the demand,” said Hite.

7/1: Vacation season is well and truly here – experts project this 4th of July weekend to break travel records.

As spring officially turns into summer and millions of children across the US begin their summer vacation, vacation season is here. The July 4th long weekend is one of the biggest travel periods of the year, and that doesn’t look to change in 2023: AAA predicts over 50 million Americans are set to travel over the upcoming few days, 2.1 million more than this time last year. That would break the 2019 record of 49 million travelers, becoming the highest volume of travel ever recorded – a testament to the rebound of American vacationing after COVID.

6/17: Taylor Swift’s sold-out “Eras Tour” is bringing record demand to hotels around the country – and showing the benefits of being an owner-operator.

As soon as Taylor Swift announced her “Eras Tour” in November 2022, hotel general managers in cities around the US experienced a deluge of bookings from “Swifties” eager to see their favorite musician in concert. Even in Atlanta, a city that consistently hosts major sporting events, hotel operators are saying it’s something unlike they’ve ever seen.

“[It was] a definite one-of-a-kind event,” said Derek Sumpter, manager of a major hotel property in Downtown Atlanta. “It felt even bigger than the Super Bowl, to be quite honest with you.” Sumpter’s hotel sold out of rooms for all three days that Swift was in Atlanta – and he capitalized on it. On the date of the tour announcement, they increased room rates to align with those of previous major entertainment events in the city, making a big splash in the profit column.

6/13: At this point, it’s official: hotels are back. After several years of uncertainty due to COVID, hotel occupancy numbers and daily rates are once more hitting new peaks. At the recent NYU International Hospitality Industry Investment Conference, leaders in the industry convened to discuss these exciting new developments. Amanda Hite, president of hospitality data firm STR, reported that “hotel demand improved 4.3 percent” through the first four months of 2023 – a massive leap.

Many believe that the growth won’t end there. Tyler Morse, CEO of hospitality firm MCR, predicts ADR growth of up to 10% – and said inflation is “the greatest thing to happen for the hotel industry,” due to the ability of owner-operators to adjust room rates on the fly.

6/10: Two more hotels for our portfolio – it’s all part of Phoenix’s strategy to deliver 12% annualized, plus upside. We’re extremely happy to announce our $9.2 million investment in the Hilton Garden and Hilton Homewood Suites, both located in Fort Wayne, IN. Our investment team was able to secure a price that was a discount to market value and assume a low interest mortgage. In addition to this, our analysis showed that these hotels were market leaders in a competitive set – as well as being from Hilton, one of our preferred legacy brands.

5/6: Even in shaky economic times, asset allocators are increasing their allocation targets to Commercial Real Estate (CRE).

Even if you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably seen how shaky the stock and bound markets have been – it’s certainly affected large parts of Commercial Real Estate (CRE). In spite of this, major institutional asset allocators are still steadily increasing their investments in CRE in 2023, a sign of confidence in the long-term outlook of this segment. According to CIO Magazine, an institutional trade publication, allocation targets were at a 10-year high of 10.8% in 2022, and look only to increase in 2023.

Experts have noted that CRE has not experienced the same sort of drastic downturn as asset classes like stocks, and historic performance of CRE has generally been strong. A March report from the California Public Employees’ Retirement System stated that real estate has played its “role as an inflation hedge, providing income stability and some value protection” and that real assets in general have produced “strong returns” over the last decade.

4/11: Economic volatility has, understandably, led many ultra-high-income investors to become more careful about where they put their money. Family offices, who have been stockpiling cash (or “dry powder”) throughout COVID, appear to see real estate as a compelling asset class to invest capital in.

“Real estate has always been a solid investment during inflationary times, and it can have tax advantages while also producing current cash flow,” said Alex Bhathal, executive chairman of Revitate, an investment firm backed by family office RAJ Capital. “All three of those components are especially compelling in the economic times that we face today.”

4/8: Hotels were the only commercial real estate category to report positive returns in Q4 2022, according to recent reports.

Q4 2022 was rough for commercial real estate in general, with most categories seeing a falloff in returns according to a report by SitusAMC. Through these difficulties, however, one category stood firm – hotels. Quarterly returns from hotels were the highest in over a year, and both those and trailing returns were far above long-term average (LTA). This shows the resilience of the hospitality industry, even in comparison to other investments within commercial real estate.

4/4: Operators and major companies in hospitality across the globe see indicators of continued growth in the industry throughout 2023. A recently published article in CoStar, a publication covering the real estate industry, shared a wide variety of opinions and statements from various leading figures of the hospitality industry, with virtually all of them anticipating continued growth in 2023. “Companies across the globe and in different segments of the industry all agree that the stars are still aligning for further growth,” wrote author Sean McCracken.

3/18: Hotel sale prices are reaching record highs this year. It’s been a banner year for hotel investors: hotels are currently trending as the “hottest” asset class on Ten-X, a popular commercial real estate data platform. “Buyers love the category,” said Ten-X VP of sales Brandon Lewe. “Last year hotels had the highest trade rate of any asset class… this year, even more investors want to buy.”

3/11: Business travel is expected to reach $1 trillion this year, according to American Express. In their 2022 Q4 earnings call, American Express Global Business Travel told investors that they predict a 24% increase in total business travel spending in 2023, eventually reaching over $1 trillion.

3/4: Interested in learning more about Phoenix? You can now skip (some of) the reading – watch our new video explainer.

For the time-strapped investor, we’ve made a nifty little illustrated video explaining Phoenix American Hospitality from the basics (“What’s a REIT?”) to the specifics (our origins and investment strategy). If you want to skip some of the reading, we encourage you to check it out – we’ve added it to our offering page,

Our focus on Premium Business Select Hotels, purchasing national brands (Marriott and Hilton) in the select service area in secondary markets (cities, but not ones like New York or LA), continues to pay off for our investors. We’re buying in too: from our CEO down, many of us are investors, side-by-side with you, on identical terms.

2/14: We focus a lot on our portfolio’s distributions: 12% annualized distributions, but you shouldn’t forget its potential for growth – and eventual sale at market value.

It’s easy to get caught up in the fact that Phoenix’s portfolio distributes a 12% annualized return to investors, but there’s another element to your investment: the growth aspect.

We project that in around 2-3 years, we’ll be able to sell our portfolio of hotels, which we purchased at COVID prices, at market value, distributing those profits to our investors. Investors can expect to see a return of 25-30% from these sales, a cherry on top of the excellent distributions you’d already have been receiving by that point. This additional payday is an element of your investment that should be taken into consideration by all potential investors.

2/4: The Premium Business Select Hotel sector has rebounded faster than any other part of the industry. In 2022, Phoenix’s REIT reported 5% higher revenue than pre-pandemic levels.*

The additional growth we saw last year was a great sign, and it was a significant factor enabling our REIT to distribute 12% annualized (monthly). We expect that our hotels will reach full market value in only 2-3 years, at which time we will sell them and return original investment and anticipated profits to our investors – we project this will end up being an additional 25-30% on top of the returns you’re receiving.

*This topic was pulled from an investor-submitted question from our January 2023 Q&A with Phoenix CEO Perch Nelson.

1/25: Phoenix’s January 2023 Q&A webinar was a big hit. Watch the replay, which is located further down on this page, to hear our answers to questions from investors just like you.

Hundreds of your fellow investors signed up for our webinar looking for information about Phoenix – how we managed a 12% annualized return from 10/31/21 to 12/31/22, and what we believe the future holds for Phoenix and our investors (which includes much of our team alongside you).

The Phoenix team, including CEO Perch Nelson, fielded everyone’s questions live, and we recorded the whole thing for you.

In addition to the video recording, we posted our written answers to investor-submitted questions on our offering page.

1/18: Our team, joined by IRA expert and founder of Horizon Trust Greg Herlean, answered most everyone’s questions about investing in Phoenix with an IRA at our webinar “Investing in Phoenix with an IRA." You can view the replay further down on this page.

Greg has years of experience working with self-directed IRAs, and he shared his specialized knowledge with our attendees. We discussed how investing in Phoenix using a self-directed IRA leads to deferred taxes on both the income you earn and the anticipated growth of your original investment.

1/10: Effective January 1, 2023, we have made changes to the distribution of our bonus shares program, which you can find on this page.

1/7: Start the new year off with an investment in your future.

Invest in January to start receiving dividends from our portfolio of Premium Business Select Hotels on February 15. Plant a seed of long-term growth today with an IRA-ready investment in a REIT that distributed a 12% annualized return in 2022– read further to understand our growth potential.

Even in a volatile economic climate, Premium Business Select Hotels are often considered a safe hedge against inflation and even economic downturns. Hotels are considered particularly inflation-resistant due to the ability of management to dynamically adjust room rates based on various factors, such as input costs and travel demand. We own and operate our hotels, bringing state-of-the-art management techniques to each property to maximize profits and long-term value.

12/31: Before the ball drops in Times Square, tonight is your final opportunity to start off the new year with a stream of monthly income–Invest Today (and for long-term growth). An IRA-ready investment that you can make today.

Ask a team member any questions you may have.

Our REIT has distributed a 12% annualized return, monthly, 10/31/21-12/31/22, far higher than the average on publicly-traded REITs.

One reason we have been able to distribute such a high return is because we have no legacy assets. That means when the pandemic hit, REITs that had paid top dollar for their hotels and other properties had to endure the lockdowns and dig out of operational bills and debt generated by nearly no travel. All of our Premium Business Select Hotels were purchased during the Covid-19 pandemic at reduced valuations.

A second reason is that we operate our hotels, not just own them. We are experienced at dynamic room pricing, a well-known inflation fighter, where we can change room rates based on demand, length of stay, and other factors.

12/20: There are just eleven more days to invest to receive your first dividend distribution on January 15th!

2023 is looking to be another great year for Phoenix. Another successful year of acquiring Premium Business Select Hotels. As owners and operators, we are changing the way our hotels operate to maximize profits–and increase the value of the hotels.

Phoenix had a remarkable 2022, delivering, on average, an over 12% annualized distribution to our investors on a monthly basis. How have we done it? Through strategic purchases of hotels, improving their operations, and increasing their cash flow.

12/10: Our investment focus is on high-quality, select-service hotels, hotels with comfortable and affordable rooms in thriving downtown areas, centers for business and tourism alike, but without the high-overhead, full-scale amenities such as a full-service restaurant.

The Select Service Advantage
This keeps our labor and overhead costs down while we receive revenue from both business and leisure travelers. Big game coming to town? A wedding? Family reunion? Travel teams? These are the kinds of hotels travelers gravitate towards when coming into town for an event. A big prospective client to pitch? A full week work assignment? Meeting colleagues in-person after a long break? When this happens, our management team has the experience and knowledge to raise prices, maximizing our revenue, profits, and monthly distribution for our investors. Plus, our in-house management team does the hard work of running our hotels every day, adjusting room rates on a daily basis to keep up with inflation and demand.

12/03: As we close 2022, join us to learn what an exciting year it has been for Phoenix.

Register for our next webinar, December 8th, here:

It has been an exciting year for Phoenix American Hospitality, our investors, and the whole team. Our portfolio of hotels is exceeding even our own expectations. While our targeted distribution is 8% annualized, we distributed over 11.5% annualized monthly return over the past year to our REIT investors. In the month of December, we are distributing 18% annualized, our highest distribution of the year.

This outperformance demonstrates the strength of our offering and portfolio of Premium Business Select Hotels, of which we are owners AND operators. This year, we increased our REIT portfolio to 11 profitable hotels across the south and midwest.

11/19: Since launching our latest offering, our REIT investors have been distributed an 11.5% annualized monthly return (10/1/21-10/31/22).

But wait…
We will be distributing an 18% annualized return for investors of record by November 30th, distributed on 12/15! As a REIT, we are required to distribute our year-end profits.

11/15: Invest in November to receive a special bonus distribution in the month of December.

As a REIT, we are required to distribute 90% of our profits by year-end, as required by tax code. Each December, we make a bonus distribution whereby we distribute any retained profits to our investors.

We are proud to announce that we will be distributing an 18% annualized return to our investors of record by November on 12/15.

11/8: Seeking a real estate investment with historically high monthly returns?

In the month of December, Phoenix American Hospitality will be distributing an 18% annualized return.

Is that real, and if it is, how?

Our REIT is required to distribute 90% of our profits, meaning our structure compels us to distribute to all of our investors of record by November 30th, a bonus distribution. All investors of record will be eligible to receive this bonus distribution on December 15th, so if you have been putting off your investment, now may be the time to reconsider that.

Last month, and for the year before that, we distributed an average 11.5% annualized return monthly, well higher than the industry average on publicly traded REITs–and without all of the volatility that comes with stocks.

10/30: New Property 7/7 Towneplace Suites by Marriott New Orleans Metairie

At TownePlace Suites New Orleans Metairie we have created a home-away-from-home environment where our guests are part of our family. We are designed to meet the needs of New Orleans extended stay hotel guests. Our extended-stay hotel in Harahan is ideally located just steps away from a variety of excellent dining, shopping and entertainment options. Enjoy easy access to downtown New Orleans, the French Quarter and the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport, just 7 miles away. Our guests appreciate our spacious suites featuring full kitchens, complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi access and ergonomic workstations. During downtime, guests work out at our on-site fitness center and swim in our outdoor pool. We host groups which take advantage of our special group accommodations rates.

10/28: New Property 6/7 Residence Inn by Marriott Baton Rouge Siegen Lane

The Residence Inn by Marriott® Baton Rouge Siegen Lane offers brand new modern amenities with true southern hospitality. Whether you're with us for a few days, a few weeks, or a few months, your routine matters. Our hotel offers apartment-style suites that are 50% larger than traditional hotel rooms featuring fully equipped kitchens, separate living and sleeping areas. Our pet-friendly extended stay hotel in Baton Rouge offers all the comforts of home and then some. Get comfortable in our hotel suites with full kitchens, workspaces, and fireplaces in select accommodations. Fuel up with our free breakfast and enjoy lunch and dinner at nearby restaurants like Chili's, Fleur de Lis Pizza, and Ruffino's. Maintain your workout routine at our outdoor pool and 24-hour fitness center or head to the Country Club of Louisiana for outdoor recreation. Explore the Siegen Lane area with a visit to nearby attractions like Louisiana State University, Mall of Louisiana, and Louisiana's Old State Capitol. Family-friendly fun at Blue Bayou Water Park is just 15 minutes away. Our free parking and convenient location near Celtic Studios make our suites a great choice for your upcoming group stay. No matter how long you're in town, make yourself at home at Residence Inn Baton Rouge Siegen Lane.

10/26: New Property 5/7 Courtyard by Marriott Baton Rouge Siegen Lane

Courtyard Baton Rouge Siegen Lane hotel located off of I-10 Baton Rouge, Louisiana combines thoughtful amenities with a convenient location. Business travel is simple with our 24-hr business center, free property-wide WiFi and 750 sq. ft. meeting room. This hotel offers everything you need for a comfortable leisure or business stay, including world class amenities, contemporary rooms and suites with plush Marriott bedding, ergonomic workspaces, and pull out sofa beds. Savor a Starbucks® drink on-site at the Bistro or try restaurants nearby like Willie's Restaurant, Texas Roadhouse and The Chimes. Stay active at our heated indoor pool and 24-hour fitness center, or enjoy outdoor recreation nearby at Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center. During your stay, experience the best of Baton Rouge with a visit to nearby attractions like Mall of Louisiana, Blue Bayou Water Park, and everything offered at Louisiana State University. The Country Club of Louisiana is also nearby. Our convenient Siegen Lane location and free parking make our flexible venues a great choice for your next meeting or event. Whatever brings you to town, make the most of it at Courtyard Siegen Lane.

10/24: New Property 4/7 Hampton Inn & Suites Fort Myers Beach/Sanibel Gateway

Ideally located at the crossroads entrance to Fort Myers Beach and Sanibel-Captiva Island, our Hampton Inn & Suites Fort Myers Beach/Sanibel Gateway location offers the perfect place to relax and discover a coastal paradise. Within ten minutes of Fort Myers Beach and the Sanibel Causeway, this location is ideal for a relaxing vacation with your whole family, or for hosting business meetings in our free business center or Ford Executive Room. Take a one-minute walk to the local trolley stop to access the beach, airport, River District, and Edison & Ford Winter Estates. Southwest Florida International Airport and JetBlue Park are both within 15 miles. Enjoy free, hot breakfast, free parking, and a heated outdoor pool. Make yourself at home in a comfy guest room or suite featuring a flat-screen TV, lap desk and free high-speed internet.

10/22: New Property 3/7 TownePlace Suites Fayetteville-Springdale

TownePlace Suites Fayetteville-Springdale is an all suite hotel located in the heart of Northwest Arkansas. This Platinum Award Winning hotel, your home in NW Arkansas, is only minutes away from Razorback Stadium, Univ. of Arkansas, Crystal Bridges, Botanical Garden of the Ozarks, WalMart HeadQuarters, Walton Art Center, Tyson HeadQuarters, Devil’s Den, Dickson Street, Ozarks Mountains, War Eagle, Beaver Lake, Arvest Ballpark, Prairie Grove and Pea Ridge Civil war sites, and Lake Fayetteville, making it a prime location for events, vacationers, lovers of the great outdoors, and business travelers.

Here you can start your morning with our free breakfast and enjoy lunch and dinner at nearby restaurants like Wrights Barbecue, La Media Luna, and Ruby’s Pizzeria. Free parking and a convenient location off I-49 make TownePlace Suites’ accommodations a great choice for your upcoming group stay.

10/20: New Property 2/7 Fairfield Inn & Suites Jonesboro

We are pleased to add the only Marriott in Jonesboro, Arkansas, Fairfield Inn & Suites Jonesboro to our portfolio. Our Fairfield Inn is located in the heart of Jonesboro’s corporate district, close to industry leaders such as Trinity Rail, Teletech, Post Foods, Pepsico, Unilever, Nestlé, Nicepak, Frito Lay, Riceland Foods, Hytrol Conveyor, and others.

Travelers also frequent this hotel to support Arkansas State University (ASU) as our guests make us their home-away-from-home while cheering on the Red Wolves. While it is a Premium Business Select Hotel, the rooms come with amenities including a complimentary, hot buffet breakfast, microwave, refrigerator, coffee makers, internet service, and more. Additionally, the surrounding area offers a number of popular dining options, including O’Charley’s, Colton’s, Omar’s 501 Club Steakhouse, and Red Lobster. Outback, Chili’s, Brickhouse Grill, Godsey’s Grill and Olive Garden are just a quick drive, too.

10/18: New Property 1/7 Aloft Rogers-Bentonville

One of our recently acquired locations is Aloft Rogers-Bentonville, just minutes away from Wal-Mart’s world headquarters and many other corporate offices. Rogers, Arkansas has a thriving downtown area filled with restaurants, historical sites, and it is close to nature (the Ozarks). Click here, to see the top 25 things to do in Rogers. Our hotel offers all the amenities you need to make the most of your stay, including loft-inspired, pet-friendly hotel rooms, Marriott bedding (Aloft is part of the Marriott brand), vibrant décor, and ergonomic workspaces. Here you can spend time in energizing public spaces, enjoy a specialty cocktail from W XYZ® bar, surf the Internet with fast & free WiFi in Re:mixSM lounge, and more. Click here to learn more about this location, including a photo gallery, and information on rooms, and dining. It is one of our Premium Business Select Hotels which are attractive to both leisure and business travelers.

10/15: Want to learn about the GROWTH part of investing in our REIT focused on Premium Business Select Hotels?

Happy DIVIDEND day. Investors of record as of September 30 and all before that date are receiving their dividend on Monday (we can’t distribute on the weekend). To get your dividend on 11/15 be sure to invest by Halloween!

Join our next webinar Wednesday, November 2nd 12PM EST / 9AM PST exclusively offered to our readers, to learn about how we plan to sell our portfolio of hotels in 3-4 years, distributing the profits we anticipate with our investors and aiming for an overall return of over 20% annualized.

10/11: Real Estate is an attractive asset class to many investors, especially when traditional stocks and bonds are unsteady.

Investors turn to real estate during times of market volatility for many reasons, including seeking regular income, capital appreciation (growth of your original investment), and diversification, but not all real estate performs in the same way.

Hotel real estate as an asset class has historically been exclusively offered to institutions through private investment partnerships and private equity real estate funds with six or seven digit minimums. Our REIT, open to individual investors, provides you with the opportunity to invest in a portfolio of top-quality, professionally managed Premium Business Select Hotels in downtown, small to mid-sized urban markets across the southern and midwestern states.

10/04: A Hedge Against Inflation
Real estate is often considered a hedge against inflation. Typically rising prices increases the replacement cost of property. Hotels are an especially inflation resistant investment because of pricing power, the ability for management to rapidly adjust room rates to demand, costs and other factors. We believe Phoenix’s Premium Business Select Hotels are even more set to do well in this inflationary climate because all our assets have been, and are being, purchased at low prices due to the decline in travel from 2020-2021. Hotels are generally purchased on a trailing 12 month revenue basis.

A Good Time for Occupancy
For the most part, rising inflation hasn’t hurt the hotel industry to the degree it has hurt other sectors of the economy. Globally, hotels are in the strongest position they’ve been in since the dawn of the pandemic, as domestic travelers are hungry for travel after being cooped up for the past two years. Business travel is now seeing a steady recovery, as 2022 levels are closing the gap with 2019 levels. Amadeus’ Agency360® data reveals hotel bookings across all major global distribution systems (GDS) have increased 98% in August 2022 compared to January 2022.

9/30: Invest TODAY and receive your first monthly distribution on October 15th.

For this month, we are projecting a 10% annualized return.

We have ended the booming summer for travel of 2022 and you may be asking yourself, isn’t it too late to invest in hotels if the market has recovered?

To that we say, NO!

The return to 2019 occupancy and revenues for our Premium Business Select Hotels has been primarily based on leisure travel. Now, business travelers are also coming back into the market. This month, we are seeing an influx of business travelers, a whole new market opening up to fill our hotels. We were already seeing a return to pre-pandemic occupancy without most of our business clientele, and now that business travel is returning, we feel confident we will be able to continue to distribute monthly dividends that exceed our 8% annualized target.

9/27: Just THREE DAYS Left to Invest and Receive Your September Distribution (in October)

Want to begin making passive monthly income from
Real Estate investing?

Phoenix American Hospitality’s REIT is distributing a 10% annualized return for the month of September.

Invest before the first of the month to receive your first distribution October 15th.

Since launching our REIT, over the past year we have consistently beaten our 8% annualized return goal to our investors, substantially higher than average returns for publicly traded REITs, which see their underlying value change every second.

9/15: Congratulations! If you invested with Phoenix by August 31st you are receiving your 12% annualized distribution today!

Since launching our latest REIT offering we have distributed to our Investors on average an 11.4% annualized distribution year-to-date, far exceeding our targeted distribution rate of 8% annualized.

Monthly dividends are the first part of how an investor may profit by an investment in our REIT. The second part is capital appreciation, the difference between the price we paid for our hotels and the price we sell them at. Combined, we are targeting an overall IRR (internal rate of return) of more than 20% a year.

9/9: Join us Wednesday, September 14th at 12PM EST / 9AM PST for a FREE webinar, covering our portfolio of Premium Business Select Hotels.

Register at the top of this page.

At this webinar we will be reviewing four main topics:

How we select our hotels
Why we manage them in-house instead of outsourcing management
Why our hotels are great inflation fighters
How our experience as owners and operators provides insight and a competitive edge

All of these points illustrate why our REIT is a strategic investment in today’s unpredictable and inflationary economic environment.

9/2: Join us September 14th at 12PM EST / 9AM PST for a free webinar detailing our portfolio of Premium Business Select Hotels. We are owners and operators of real, profitable, assets.

Our sector of real estate is not moving with the ups and downs of the stock and bond markets. Many of our investors are adding real estate to their portfolios aiming for monthly income and long-term growth.

If you have been following this offering, you may want to dig deeper into how we are achieving such success on this REIT offering as we build a portfolio of Premium Business Select Hotels. We are acquiring, operating, and optimizing assets you can touch.

8/29: Our next dividend, projected at 12%, will be distributed on 9/15 to shareholders of record on 8/31, meaning there’s just three more days left to invest!

We have PAID our REIT investors on average an 11.4% annualized distribution year-to-date.

Bottom line - our latest offering has consistently delivered monthly income to Investors exceeding our targeted rate of 8%, and we plan to do it again this month.

8/26: August 31st is the last day to receive our next distribution. Invest now to receive a projected 12% annualized return for August!

If you’re in Texas and want to see up close and personal how we run this REIT, feel free to set a time to visit our headquarters in Dallas. Here you can meet our President and CEO Perch Nelson, as well as the rest of our team, who have spent countless hours acquiring and managing our Premium Business Select Hotels and answering questions from prospective investors.

We come together daily to review our pipeline of the right hotels, the ones that meet our strict investment criteria, and improve operations. We aim to continue to beat our dividend goal and increase the overall value of the property.

8/23: As our corner of the travel industry swiftly recovers, you can still invest and receive our August distribution, projected at 12% annualized!

Since launching this REIT, open to individual investors, we have PAID our investors an average 11.4% annualized distribution year-to-date.

Right now, our household name-brand, premium business select hotels are undergoing a boom, putting us on the right side of transformations in the hotel industry. You won’t typically find amenities such as a concierge, a bellhop, a spa, or room service at most of our hotels. Instead travelers come intent on staying in a nice, comfortable, and affordable room, often for business or an event such as a family reunion, sports, or wedding.

8/19: We are pleased to share that four more hotel properties have been added to our REIT portfolio. Plus, a fifth closing is anticipated very soon–with even more on the horizon. They are all performing ahead of budget.

Don’t miss out on our August dividend, anticipated at 12% annualized, paid to shareholders of record by 8/31!

Here are our recently acquired properties with more coming:

Marriott Residence Inn - Cape Canaveral, FL
Marriott Springhill Suites - Denton, TX
Hilton DoubleTree - Charlotte, NC
Hilton Hampton Inn Fort - Wayne, IN
Hilton Garden Inn Fort - Wayne, IN

8/5: At Phoenix American Hospitality, we are laser focused on acquiring and improving Premium Business Select Hotels.

For our seventh offering, American Hospitality Properties REIT, we have, and are still, acquiring hotels by household name-brands (e.g. Marriott, Hyatt, & Hilton) and are distributing profits by improving facilities through our in-house management of these hotels. Our senior management leaders boast decades of hands-on experience profitably buying, owning, managing, and selling Premium Business Select Hotels.

Our niche, premium business select hotels, provides more amenities than budget hotels. They typically offer small meeting spaces and a limited-service restaurant. They offer fewer amenities than resorts. You typically won’t find a concierge, a bellhop, a spa, or room service at most of our hotels, even though they are nationally known brands. These hotels appeal to a broad array of guests, including road-warriors and regional business travelers, small business owners, middle-class leisure travelers, student athletic teams and their families, wedding parties, and way more who are primarily making domestic trips. These properties are attractive in nearly all market climates, offering amongst the highest operating and profit margins in the industry, and they are especially resilient during downturns.

8/2: Hotels are both businesses and real estate. Real Assets and businesses that can be touched.

An investment in Phoenix American Hospitality’s REIT is not an investment driven by the ups and downs of the stock market. Instead, you are investing in our portfolio of Premium Business Select Hotels, sporting households names such as Marriott and Hilton.

We are in the midst of the travel recovery of 2022. The hotels we purchase for this REIT meet stringent criteria. They are strong national brands outside of urban areas with impressive cash flow, market leadership, multiple revenue sources, and competitive room pricing. Importantly, due to hotels’ ability to rapidly adjust room-rate pricing, we are in a prime position to fight inflation.

7/31: Today is the LAST DAY to invest to receive this month’s dividend distribution

Want to receive monthly income from real-estate? We believe our niche, premium business select hotels, is one of the safest and most profitable investments in this economic climate (great for fighting inflation).

DIVIDENDS will be paid on 8/15 to investors of record on 7/31, so if you haven’t joined yet, now may be the time to do so.

If you invest today ($5,000 or above), you will also receive bonus shares.

7/23: Starting August 1st, we will be adjusting our bonus shares program, eliminating shares at the $5,000 level (our current minimum investment) and the $10,000 levels. So if you’d like to receive additional shares for our investment at those levels, invest before August 1st!

7/15: Happy Distribution Day! TODAY Investors of record as of 6/30/22 receive their June distribution.
Since our launch, we have exceeded our goal of a preferred return (meaning you get paid before we do) of 8% annualized, distributed monthly. We also target growth, sharing the profits with our Investors when we sell our portfolio of hotels, estimated to be in 3-4 years.

It is repetitive, some may say consistent, but not boring, at least not to us. Exceeding expectations is always good news to us.

Our Bonus Share Program is Changing

At the end of this month we are eliminating extra shares at the $5,000 and $10,000 investment levels, so if you’d like to receive more bang for your buck, on that size investment, act quickly.

7/08: At Phoenix American Hospitality, “Capital Appreciation” is a cornerstone of our business model.

Our latest offering, American Hospitality Properties REIT, has taken the approach of purchasing hotels at COVID-reduced valuations, improving facilities and operations, returning and optimizing profitability during the resurgence of travel, all while paying Investors monthly dividends exceeding our goal of 8% (annualized).

The end game, and where larger gains could originate is what is called capital appreciation, as illustrated in one of our first messages to you, “buy low, sell high, and bank profits along the way.” We have completed the first step, buying low. When others saw tragedy in the travel industry, we saw, and still see, an opportunity for growth. Because hotels are priced based on recent (think 12-24 months) revenue, most properties are still at pre-pandemic valuations. We improve operations as we bank profits for our Investors. We are experts in dynamic and inflation-fighting room rate pricing based on consumer demand.

6/24: DIVIDENDS will be paid on 7/15 to investors of record as of 6/30.

If you have been waiting to invest with Phoenix, now may be the right time for you, as we will be sending our June distribution on July 15th to investors of record as of June 30th. While we target an 8% preferred annualized rate, we have been consistently exceeding our goals, distributing a 10% return for our May distribution and an annualized 12.7% distribution for our first six months ending 3/31/22.

6/14: Join us for a free webinar Thursday, June 23rd 12PM EST / 9AM PST to learn more about how we leverage hotel room rate pricing to maximize potential profits for our investors.

Thinking about income and growth? Come learn why specific types of hotels are well positioned for fighting inflation.

Prices rose rapidly in the month of May, causing market turmoil. The Federal Reserve is expected to raise interest rates in late June, and again in July, in an attempt to slow the economy and cool inflation–but will it work?

Inflation might be a big challenge for traditional markets, but hotels have a secret weapon, Pricing Power. Premium Business Select Hotels have a high amount of flexibility over their daily room rates, allowing them to stay on top of changes in demand and costs. These are the kind of hotels that Phoenix’s REIT owns and operates, and we are experienced at managing variable costs and keeping fixed costs down.

6/7: Join us for a FREE webinar June 23rd 12pm EST / 9AM PST entitled “Pricing Power: How Hotels Fight Inflation.” We invite you to learn our business model, buying and operating hotels at COVID-reduced prices, which we believe is well-positioned to thrive in today’s economic climate, particularly the increase in travel. Because hotels are able to change room rates daily, even hourly, they can respond to rapid changes in consumer demand and input costs. We focus on Premium Business Select Hotels which often have short-term bookings and large events coming through town. We hand select hotels which have multiple reasons to be booked, beyond just doing business.

Register here:

5/27: Research shows that hotels can be a hedge against inflation due to their ability to adjust room rates daily, or even hourly. Many factors go into pricing such as supply and demand, how long travelers expect to stay, what kind of amenities they require, and more. All these factors go into pricing room rates and give hotels the freedom to adjust prices to both increasing demand and changing costs. These are just some of the reasons why we have so far delivered monthly dividends that exceed our stated goal.

5/24: The disruption in travel caused by Covid-19 presents a prime opportunity to alter the paradigm of hotel stays and pricing. Initial indications are that travelers are eager to spend pent-up savings on travel experiences, meaning an increase in price is not likely to decrease demand. Inflation is here, and possibly here to stay for a while, so the hotel industry’s freedom to adjust prices to meet demand and expenses is a major advantage.

5/20: It is the ability for hotels to rebound during times of economic downturn, and the specificities of today’s landscape that make this a prime time, especially for name-brand business select hotels. Simply put, business people, travel sports teams, and families are planning summer (and beyond) travel.

Additionally, hotels are in a particularly prime position to fight inflation, due to their ability to adjust room rates. If demand due to the great travel resurgence of 2022 increases, the industry should be well-positioned to execute pricing power to offset inflationary costs. Hotels can price rooms continuously in response to occupancy levels.

5/13: We are hosting a FREE webinar entitled “Hosting America’s Business: The Phoenix American Hospitality Story” coming up Wednesday May 18th, 12PM EST / 9AM PST. Here our President and CEO Perch Nelson will talk about how we arrived at our 7th offering, how we made hotel investments open to all, and how our process and experience improves the properties we acquire. At the end of the event we will have an open Q&A session, where we will take any questions you have about our business or how to invest. Register here:

5/10: Americans are finally planning their summer vacations and travel is way up, but, according to Barron’s, that doesn’t seem to be helping investors in travel related stocks right now.

Many of the publicly traded companies they are talking about are reporting improved performance. However, when dealing with stocks, ongoing turbulence in the market itself can take good news and still cause losses for investors.

While major public companies, such as airlines and hotel chains, are subject to volatility in the stock market, at Phoenix our business model is already distributing (each month) returns higher than our target.

5/6: If you’ve been following our updates, you know that we have been aiming to distribute an 8% annualized dividend (paid monthly), plus growth, from our REIT. We are proud to say that we have met and exceeded our goal! We have paid our investors a 12.7% annualized distribution for the six-month period ending March 31st, 2022.

4/30: Saturday, April 30th, is the last day to invest and to be eligible to receive your May 15th distribution– and it is enhanced in two ways.

1) Due to better than expected operating results as our hotel resurgence accelerated in April, we have a 10% distribution for May. This is well over the 8% preferred rate.
2)Bonus shares! We are changing the program in May, lock yours in by investing by 4/30.

4/26: Join us for our webinar “Benefiting from the Travel Rebound - Learning From the Past: What Historical Performance Predicts for Business Select Hotels” Wednesday, April 27th at 12PM EST / 9AM PST. Register here:

Our next cash dividend will be payable on 5/15 to investors of record on 4/30 (get in fast). This comes as part of our planned series of distributions from American Hospitality Properties REIT, Inc., which aims to pay investors monthly an annualized 8% preferred return.

The dividend does not include any capital appreciation..

4/23: Phoenix is looking to be a more secure and profitable investment than traditional bond Fund ETFs. 98% of the 503 bond ETFs are currently running at negative returns in 2022, according to Bloomberg. Rising inflation is having a negative impact on bonds, with the largest bond-exchange traded funds recently hitting new lows. Financial advisors are steering investors into other options such as dividend-oriented strategies, commodities, and some of the larger advisors are steering their clients into the realm of what the wealthiest invest in, real estate.

4/19: Special note: We just paid another monthly dividend (on 4/15) to shareholders of record as of 3/31/22 and will again to everyone who invests by 4/30 (on 5/15).

Need more information to decide to invest?
Join us for a complimentary webinar April 27th 12pm EST / 9am PST to learn why hotels have been a particularly resilient investment through periods of economic downturn. Learn why we believe that the decline in travel during the COVID-19 pandemic is a potential indicator to a stronger opportunity—potentially experiencing unusually strong returns for our investors in this, our seventh fund. Questions are encouraged—we’ll be holding an interactive Q&A near the end of the session!

4/16: On Wednesday, April 27th at 12:00pm EST / 9:00am PST Phoenix American Hospitality (PAH) will be hosting our fifth FREE webinar. At this virtual event we will be discussing the history of hotel valuations, their downturns and rapid recovery.

We’ll also share our plan to use our decades of experience owning AND operating hotels to optimize operations, increase value, and if all goes according to plan, sell within 3-5 years to the benefit of our investors. We take hotels that may be under-managed and go about improving their cash flow through active management. Keep in mind that we are in the “travel recovery of 2022!” We have already purchased three hotels and, as we raise capital swiftly, will purchase more soon.

4/12: Phoenix American Hospitality recently announced $4 million in improvements to its 17th acquisition, Marriott Cape Canaveral Cocoa Beach.

How’s that for active management (instead of passive ownership)? With all the strides our REIT’s been making lately, you may be wondering, isn’t travel still down? Aren’t we still in a global pandemic, pushing hotel valuations down? Well, our answer to these questions is, “All the more reason to get invested with Phoenix,” and to explain that, we’ve uploaded a new video to our YouTube channel. If you have the time (and it’s not even two minutes long), we recommend giving it a watch.

4/09: Here’s a question we get a lot:
“How much do I need to invest to earn $500 every month?”

We have been paying an 8% annualized rate. Now, we pay distributions every month, so that’s 1/12th of 8%. Doing the math, to receive $500 each month, you’d need to have made a $75,000 investment (and potentially less, if you act soon and take advantage of our limited bonus shares offer).

4/02: From the start, being open to everyone—not just the most elite class of investors—has been at the heart of this offering, and that’s never going to change. We’re committed to letting nearly everyone participate, especially now with the travel industry comeback of 2022 (did you see this week’s jobs report?) in hotel real estate investing. That’s why we’re pleased to introduce a few options to make the process even easier.

To start, we’ve created a simple subscription “add-on” form for existing investors. If you’ve already invested in PAH, and your information hasn’t changed, you can use this form to add onto your original investment—without the sign-up hassles.

In a similar vein, we created the option of setting up automatic contributions to your account, so you can increase your investment without having to move a muscle. This is a great way to rack up bonus shares while they’re still available.

3/21: We acquired a preferred interest in two new hotels—the Hilton Garden Inn and Hilton Homewood Suites! This marks AHP REIT's second transaction, bringing its total to 3 hotels owned and operated. Both located in Indiana, these properties are prime examples of this offering’s focus on Premium Business Select Hotels. We’re renovating them in a big way (think new carpeting, wall coverings, beds, bathroom fixtures, and more), and we’re confident that these changes will improve their cash flow and put more money in our investors’ pockets.

3/12: We launched a new video series highlighting some of the most frequently asked questions from our past webinars. If you’re short on time, this is a great way to get the most essential details of our seventh offering. Find them on our YouTube channel here:

3/5: We made a new video to showcase, from beginning to end, exactly how we put money in your pocket by improving the cash flow of our hotels. This video can be found right on our YouTube channel, which we created just for the occasion and have already loaded up with all of our past webinars. Be sure to subscribe for alerts of new uploads!

Watch now:

1/28: We launched a new system of bonus shares! Now, and for a limited time only, those who invest $1,000 or more into this offering will receive additional shares at no extra cost. To learn more, open the chat in the bottom-right corner and a certified Phoenix American Hospitality employee will speak with you directly.

12/9: Hotel occupancy in the U.S. is now hovering around an impressive mid-50%—closer than ever to 2019 pre-pandemic levels. In fact, Los Angeles has matched its stats for the comparable week in 2019. Of course, revenue follows: the country is now only 9.2% away from pre-COVID levels of revenue per available room! For the whole report, go to “STR: US Weekly Hotel Occupancy Hovers Around Mid-50%” on CoStar.

11/23: The Motley Fool wrote a compelling piece on why now may be the right time to invest in hotels. Among the evidence cited is a AAA forecast that 53.4 million Americans will leave their homes for Thanksgiving travel (a 13% increase from 2020, and only 5% below 2019) and that as many as 42% of Americans (and 53% high-income Americans) plan to travel for the holidays. Naturally, they’ll be looking for places to stay—that’s where we come in. You can read the full argument in “Why Investing in Hotels Is a Good Idea Right Now” on The Motley Fool.

11/11: New data from STR revealed demand for U.S. hotels has surged nearly all the way back to pre-pandemic levels. Hilton CEO Christopher Nassetta expects not only that the trend will continue through the new year, but that hotel revenue in 2022 will surpass the peak of 2019. For the full story, check out “Hotel CEOs predict record numbers for 2022” on Hospitality Net.

11/3: Marriott’s Q3 2021 report showed a remarkable 118.4% year-over-year increase in revenue per available room. Their CFO cited stronger travel rates as a contributor, and noted particularly good improvement in special corporate business. Great news for investors of Phoenix’s 7th offering, which specializes in Business Select Hotels! To read the details, visit “Marriott Q3 RevPAR up 118.$ year over year” on Hotel Management.

10/28: Travel rose from 48% of pre-pandemic levels in Q2 to 72% through September, driving a rebound in revenue for Mastercard. As more people leave the house, we’re providing them a place to stay. For more on this important development for our industry, find “With Domestic and Cross-Border Spending Up, Mastercard Looks to Rebound in Travel” on

Returns are not guaranteed, and there is no guarantee that objectives will be met.
Properties shown on this page are owned and managed by Phoenix American Hospitality.

Please read the Offering Circular before investing.


Click here for details


How do investors get paid?

We have distributed our investors an annualized monthly distribution of 11.5%. Our structure has us distribute 90% of operating profits.

In 3-4 years, we aim to sell our portfolio of hotels at a higher price than what we bought them for, bringing your overall return to ~20% annualized.

That means, you should expect to receive monthly dividends, your initial investment, plus growth.


On average, over 11.5%.


Jan 2022


Feb 2022


Mar 2022


Apr 2022


May 2022


Jun 2022


Jul 2022


Aug 2022


Sep 2022


Oct 2022


Nov 2022


Dec 2022


Jan 2023


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Q1-2023 Bonus


Apr 2023


May 2023


Jun 2023


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Jul 2023


Aug 2023


*REITS are mandated to distribute 90% of their profits before year-end.
Monthly distributions are paid on on annualized basis. Monthly distribution payments may change due to hotel monthly performance.
The distribution percentage is calculated on total capital exclusive of bonus shares.

Dividends are not the only distributions you should anticipate, read on about receiving your capital back along with sharing in the anticipated returns when we sell our hotels.


Why consider American Hospitality Properties REIT, Inc.?

Monthly distributions

We have distributed monthly, 12% annualized. As a REIT we are required to distribute 90% of our profits by year end.

Returns are not guaranteed or that objectives will be met.


When Returns Meet
Investors Receive




Strong growth potential

In addition to planned monthly distributions, investors are scheduled to share in the sale profits (if all goes according to plan). We aim to sell our hotels in 3-4 years at full market rates, reflecting the difference in value from buying at COVID-reduced prices, and from our improvements to operations and facilities.

Our goal is to exceed a 20% overall annual IRR (internal rate of return), including both distributions and growth, for our investors.


This REIT was started just before COVID hit, so we do not have any hotels purchased at pre-COVID pricing. As a result, we are not weighed down by previous assets. We believe that we will make additional profit when we sell our hotels since we bought at reduced prices, and we did not take on any debt from trying to operate at 2019 levels during the pandemic. Last, our revenue only had one direction to go–up.

Our goal is to return capital within 3-4 years.

Based on the current environment, Phoenix expects sell our hotels within three to four years. There is no reinvestment of capital. Assuming we meet our time horizon goal, investors can expect to receive their initial investment, plus or minus appreciation, within four years.

Hotels can be a hedge against inflation.

Real estate is often considered a hedge against inflation. Hotels are a special inflation resistant investment because of pricing power, the ability for management to rapidly adjust room rates to demand, costs and other factors. We believe Phoenix’s Premium Business Select Hotels are even more set to do well in this inflationary climate because all our assets have been, and are being, purchased at low prices due to the decline in travel from 2020-2021. Hotels are generally purchased on a trailing 12-month revenue basis.

This is the same type of opportunity that institutions have long enjoyed.

The world’s most sophisticated investors have always had access to top-quality, professionally managed commercial real estate investments. However, there are numerous hurdles to investing. With Phoenix, you can invest in commercial real estate without all institutional requirements such as a million-dollar minimum.

We’re open to ALL investors.

Our Reg A+ offering empowers investors of all income levels and portfolio sizes to invest, subject to certain dollar amount limitations on common stock that may be acquired (as described in the Offering Circular). You do not have to meet accreditation hurdles to qualify.

We know what makes hotel investments successful.

Our investment process identifies what we believe to be the properties with the highest potential for success by focusing on six key characteristics:

Business select hotels appeal to a broad array of customers, including road-warrior and regional business travelers, small business owners, and middle-class leisure travelers, who are primarily making domestic trips. These properties are attractive in nearly all market climates, offering the highest operating and profit margins in the industry, but they are especially resilient during downturns. This middle category experienced less of a drop-off in demand during the pandemic crisis, and it’s expected to rebound more rapidly than budget hotels.



Invest alongside major institutions in one of commercial real estate’s most compelling sectors: Premium Business Select Hotels.

Properties shown are not owned by PAH and are representative of the type of property expected to be acquired by the company.


Our sec-qualified offering

Offering Size: $50 million

Offering Team:

Law Firm: Winston & Strawn LLP
Transfer Agent: KoreConX
Auditor: Grant Thornton

The investment sign up process is powered by KoreconX with broker-dealer level security and 256-Bit Encryption.

Who should consider American Hospitality Properties REIT, Inc.?

  • Investors who are seeking income and appreciation potential

  • Investors looking for a hedge against inflation

  • Investors who can afford to tie up capital for three to five years

  • Investors with self-directed IRAs (or open one with our partner!)



Our innovative strategy has attracted the financial media’s attention. Here’s recent news coverage of Phoenix Funds.



Our team has decades of hands-on experience profitably buying, owning, and managing hotel properties. Here are our senior management leaders.





Many investors are seeking monthly income (and growth along with it).

As an asset class, real estate offers a number of compelling benefits, including regular income, capital appreciation (growth of your original investment) and diversification, but not all parts of the real estate market perform alike. Now, as the economy emerges from COVID-19 and growth heats up, hotels—and particularly business select hotels—may offer some of the strongest growth potential of any real estate sector.

Up to now, all the benefits of hotel real estate investing—including capital preservation, income, and long-term capital appreciation—have primarily been available to institutions through private investment partnerships and private equity real estate funds with large minimums.

American Hospitality Properties REIT, Inc. should know—that’s how we ran our first few funds.

Now, this opportunity is open to everyone!

We are offering, directly to individuals the opportunity to invest in professionally managed, focused commercial real estate with an institutionally experienced manager. We aim to provide substantial income, reduce your overall portfolio volatility (and spread your dollars across several investments in the sector), diversify risk (via capital preservation by investing in a “real” asset), and contribute to your mid-term growth (within five years).

Returns are not guaranteed, and there is no guarantee that objectives will be met.


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