Phoenix American Hospitality
We have PAID our Investors an annualized 12.7% distribution for the six (6) months ending 3/31/22.

We Believe NOW Is the Moment for Investors.

Targeting an 8% Return, Paid Monthly, PLUS Growth. Our experience told us that the time for our fourth fund is now. According to our 2021 data, our niche is poised for a swift and strong recovery from Covid-19.


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    Premium Business Select Hotels’ Revenue Are Already Returning to Their 2019 Levels!

    We are NOT talking about resorts. These easier-to-manage hotels offer nice rooms, free breakfast, and other amenities, without resort-style services.

    Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt

    Our investment and operations philosophy: Buy low, improve operations and revenue, and sell when the market fully reaches or surpasses its prior peak.

    A fight against inflation: We’re owners and operators—which, combined with our experience, is key to our strategy.
    “Room rates reset every night.” - Christopher Nassetta, Chief Executive Officer of Hilton Worldwide Holdings*