Phoenix American Hospitality

Buying low, selling high, and banking dividends along the way isn’t just for Warren Buffet.

Our strategy is simple. Buy Premium Business Select Hotels now, while they’re at COVID-reduced prices. Make money by better managing the properties while the nation comes out of this mess. Share the profits with our investors (you get paid first, monthly, until you reach an annual 8% return), and then sell these hotels (within 3-5 years) at higher prices when they have reached “market rates” and buyers are plentiful. We share those profits as well, targeting more than a 20% annualized return. That means, if all continues to go according to plan, you'll receive monthly dividends, your initial investment, plus growth.

Since our inception, 10/31/21, our annualized monthly distributions have equaled 12%. We believe this is a great demonstration of our investment process and our operational excellence.


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