American Hospitality Properties REIT, Inc.,

Phoenix American Hospitality’s premium business select hotel offering.

Here’s why we believe you should complete your investment:

We have PAID our Investors 12.7% an annualized distribution0n for the six (6) months ending 3/31/22. As a REIT we are required to distribute our profits.

We have put a “preferred rate” in place to give our Investors some structural assurance, are structured so that our Investors will first receive a preferred return of 8% annualized. In addition to that, if profits are achieved over 8%, our Investors are distributed the additional net operating income, as required by tax code. The Investors are paid before Phoenix earns any return. Phoenix has already exceeded the 8% goal thus far, and will work to continue to exceed our goals.

We’re targeting an overall IRR (internal rate of return), including distributions and appreciation, of more than 20% a year.

This is our seventh offering—and all three before it have met or exceeded this return.

Note: past performance is no guarantee of future performance.


We believe this is a unique time to invest in our corner of the hospitality industry.

When Covid hit, travel and hospitality took it on the chin. Based on our selection criteria, our radar has lined up a selection of Business Premium Select Hotels that meet our criteria, and we believe, remain at COVID depressed valuations. People are already traveling again, and our section of the hotels is one of the first to recover. Hotel properties, unlike apartments and retail properties, are not leased out long-term, meaning rooms rent out by the day and pricing can be easily adjusted to accommodate increasing demand.

We expect the hotel industry to return to pre-Covid occupancy rates and prices by 2023.

We don’t just own them; we operate them!

Our expertise involves building revenue while controlling costs. Premium business select hotels employ far fewer employees than resorts and other types of hotels. This is our niche.

We’re aiming for the return of capital within 3-5 years.

We anticipate the liquidation of our investments—meaning we plan to sell hotels—within three to five years, without any reinvestment of capital. Assuming we meet our time horizon goal, investors can expect to receive their initial investment back, plus or minus appreciation, within five years.


Now, you can invest alongside institutions and ultra-wealthy investors.

Previously, investment opportunities like this one were only accessible to institutions and big, ultra-wealthy investors. We’re looking to democratize the commercial real estate investment space: our minimum investment is just $500, and we’re open to investors of all income levels and portfolio sizes.*

*There may be a limit on the total amount an investor can invest based on income, net worth, or other investments in Reg A+ offerings.

Our team boasts more than 60+ years of hospitality experience.

Investing in niche hospitality requires a seasoned team with deep expertise and experience. We have been profitably investing profitably in the hotel sector since 2009, through good markets and bad. This is Phoenix’s fourth fund, with all three before it meeting or exceeding investor expectations.

We seek out hotels that meet stringent criteria: strong national brands (e.g. Hilton and Marriott) in urban areas with impressive cash flow, market leadership, multiple revenue sources, and competitive pricing.

While other hotel acquisition and management companies may strictly view hotels as real estate investments, we take it further—for us, they’re also investments in operational effectiveness—which increases the probability of success.

We strongly believe that now is the time to invest in one of commercial real estate’s most resilient and compelling sectors. An opportunity like this shouldn’t be limited to institutions and the 1%—now, everybody can own their own piece of niche hospitality.